Seth MacFarlane


Date of Birth:

October 26, 1973
Birth Name:
Seth Woodbury MacFarlane
Home Town:
Kent Connecticut
Rhode Island School of Design


Brian (from "Family Guy"(1999)) is the only character I can do without having to do another character voice. (IMDB)
'American Dad' is, by its nature, much more political.
Some of those more out-there jokes were written in the wee hours of the morning. Somehow, they remained funny the next day.
With any half-hour comedy, it kind of takes on its own life and finds itself.
The success of The Simpsons really opened doors. It showed that if you were working in animation you didn't necessarily have to be working in kids' television.
(Seth MacFarlane Quotes)

Career Accomplishments

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design he was hired by Hanna-Barbera Productions now known as Cartoon Network Studios. While working for Hanna-Barbera, he wrote two of his first mainstream shows, "Johnny Bravo" (1997) and "Cow and Chicken" (1997). He has also worked for Walt Disney Animation as a writer on the TV show "Jungle Cubs"(1996). His first attempt at making a career was through "The Life of Larry"(1995) whish was supposed to be used as a filler for "MADtv"(1995). This deal fell through but a few months later Fox offered him $50,000 to write a show which would eventually become "Family Guy" (1999). After the cancellation of King of the Hill, Seth MacFarlane became the co-creator and producer of 3 of the 4 shows on FOX's animation domination. These shows include Family Guy (1999), American Dad (2005), and "The Cleveland Show" (2009) (IMDB 2009).

Personal Life

He was born October 26, 1973 in Kent, Rhode Island. His parents names are Ron MacFarlane and Perry MacFarlane. At age 8, Seth Macfarlane was writing his own comic strip for his hometown newspaper. From the begining he knew he wanted to be a cartoonist and basically based his life off of it. Other interests of his are Star Trek, singing tunes from TV Shows, and being an entertainment obsessed fanboy. He also studied piano over his life and fits into the New England humor group. After leaving art school, he landed a job with Hanna-Barbera. Soon after landing that job, FOX showed interest in his writing and offered him a deal to create his own show. This show became what is now known as Family Guy. The show was cancelled in 2002, but was revived by the high DVD sales and a large group of support behind it. This also gave Seth the green light for his new show, American Dad. (TV Guide 2009). In 2001 on September 11th, Seth was supposed to board Flight 11 which crashed into the North Tower of the trade centers (IMDB 2009).


A 2002 Emmy: Outstanding Music and Lyrics - Winner 2000 Emmy: Outstanding Voice-Over Performance - Winner 2000 Emmy: Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming one hour or less) - Nominee 2005 Emmy: Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour) - Nominee 2006 Emmy: Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour) - Nominee 2008 Emmy: Outstanding Animated Program ( for programming one hour or more)- Nominee 2009 Emmy: Outstanding Voice-Over Performance - Nominee 2009 Emmy: Outstanding Comedy Series- Nominee 2009 Emmy: Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour) - Nominee (TV Guide 2009).

Influences on His Career

Rev. Richardson Schell, the headmaster of Kent School, began writting letters to Family Guy advertisers complaining about the show's offensive content and begging for them to drop out. He also guest starred on a few episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.(TV Guide 2009). In his time as the producer for all of his shows, he has always hired Walter Murphey to write his theme music. (IMDB).

Why I Chose Seth MacFarlane?

I chose Seth MacFarlane because he created some of the most influential content known to this age. He created 3 of the most watched TV shows in history and is one of the few people left that isn't afraid of the media, FCC, or individual self interest groups. He has effected everybody with is work, even if you don't agree with it.

Global Impact by Seth MacFarlane

He has globally impacted the world in many ways. He is an avid supporter of the Democratic party, ironically all of his shows are played on the largely conservative Fox network. He has changed the way people think and added humor into some very untouched, controversial subjects that probably would have been left alone. Some of these breakouts are against Neo-Conservatives and many small interest groups that use their lean to make everything run their way. Everybody except for MacFarlane are afraid of being discriminated against so they fall into suit of what the public says "is right".30_seth_lgl.jpg


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