Birth name: Willard Christopher Smith
Birthday: September 25,1968
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height: 6'2"
Nickname: Will, Fresh Prince, and Jr.
Family: Wife; Jada Pinkett Smith, Children; Trey and Willow Camille Reign Smith
Occupation Actor, Rap artist, Film, and Television producer

Will Smith is a very successful African American man. His story to try and make it in Hollywood is a long one and can tend to be a sad story. He is known to be "the most successful crossover star of modern era." According to the website Tiscali (2009).It was also said that Will was a bright child, he would constantly show off his beautiful charm to people. With this habit of his, it earned him the nickname Prince at Philly's legendary Overbrook High School. With external image jazzy+jeff.bmpHis upbrining and experiencing many different social circles, Smith learned to be liked by everyone very quickly. Will started off in the rapping business at a very young age of 12. He was introduced to the rapping world when he met Jeffrey Townes at one of his friends party. At the time this man was better known as Dj Jazzy Jeff. When Smith was just beginning to rap he called himself the Fresh Prince. These two became friends right away. In the year of 1986 they became more serious about working together. Jeff was the Dj and Will did all the rapping. However their music steered clear of the "Gangsta Rap" sound that seemed to be emerging at the time they came out Biography (1968) . This pair won their first Grammy for Best Rap Performance in 1989. They won their second Grammy in 1991. They seemed to be very successful with their music but Will was soon going to be taking on a different project. The channel NBC signed Will in the year 1990 to be the start of a show many people are familiar with, called, The Fresh external image 600full-the-fresh-prince-of-bel--air-photo.jpgPrince of Bell-air. In the show Smith played a street-smart kid coping with his new life in Los Angeles' richest neighborhood. This show ran for 6 season and was a really big success. The sitcom really opened Smith's eyes to the acting world and it wasn't the last time people would be seeing him act. Since Will really enjoyed acting he started to film movies. Since the "fresh prince" days Will has been in many movies. Some including Men in Black, Hitch, Hancock, Ride or Die, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Those are only a couple of many more movies that he has stared in. Smith said on Biography(1968) website that "An intelligent choice of future movie roles could assure me a long career in show business. Film, I think I can do forever." Will Smith loves what he does and makes sure he gives his 100% in every film he creates. But Aside from his bussiness work, he is a hard working dad when he is back at home. His children absolutly love him. His children even get the chance to sometimes work with their father on movies. For instance his son, Jaden Smith had the roll as Smith's son in the movie The Pursuit of Happieness. So with everything Smith is An extremely talented actor and a loving husband and father. Who could love a man like this?

Video Clips:

These Videos show both sides to Will Smith. They show how he can be really funny and then the other video shows how serious he can get. These two videos also show how deep Will gets into his acting while playing a roll.

These videos here are a taste of Will's "Clean" rap music. They are both enjoyable songs to listen to!

Why I choose this person:
I choose Will Smith because ever since I was a little kid I would enjoy watching him on T.V. and seeing his movies. Every night before I would go to bed, I wouldn't watch cartoons to put me to sleep, I would watch The Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Every night when I would watch the show I would always think how cool it would be to get the chance to meet this talented and extremely funny man. Besides the funniest he has he also seems like he would be a very caring ,down to earth type of person. I dont think I could ever get sick of watching one of his movies or watching the Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

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"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

" If it was something that I really committed myself to, I don't think there's anything that could stop me becoming President of the United States."

" If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out?"

(here are a couple to list off)
1994 : Won - ASCAP award for ; Top Tv Series The Fresh Prince of Bell Air
1998: Won- ASCAP award for; Most performed songs in motion pictures for Men in Black
2000: Won- ASCAP award for; Most performed songs in motion pictures for Wild Wild West
2002: Nominated-Oscar for; Best performance by an actor in leading role for Ali
2005: Nominated- BET comedy award for; Best performance in an animates theatrical film for Shark Tale
2007: Nominated- Oscar for; Best performance by an actor in the leading role for The Pursuit of Happieness

His Global Influence:
Since Will Smith was so very well known for his "clean" rap in his younger days, Will Smith really wants to encourage the younger people of today that are in the rap industry to move out of that "thug" rap that only teaches their fans to do bad things. Smith feels that the rapper in todays time dont realize how much influence they have on younger children, according to website Blackwebportal. Also along with try to be an influence on changing the style of rap music, he is a great african american actor who was just following his dream. He is an example that you can do whatever you want with your life once you set your mind to it.


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