Oli Sykes

Oliver Sykes
Oliver Sykes

NAME: Oliver Scott Sykes
DATE OF BIRTH:November 20, 1986
AGE: 23 years old
PLACE OF BIRTH:Sheffield, England
CAUSES: PETA/vegetarian

One Thing about Oli is he is notorious for his silly quotes and making fun of himself so his quotes are all pritty fun

-I'm happy where I am right now in life and if something were done differently then that would ultimately mean I would be in a different position. You live and you learn."

-When asked: [If you can choose any animal to speak the human language, what animal would you want to talk and why?] "Probably a crocodile, I'd try and convince it to be my best friend then ride on it's back and kill people."

-When asked if it was possible that some fans like him only for his hair Oli says-
"Well... our hair is great. Our hair is better than most people's hair. My hair is better than anyones. That's the only reason we started the band. Cuz like I can't sing at all but their all like "Look at his hair... look at his hair!" Look but don't touch. I said that to them. I said it straight away, look but don't touch. I had to keep spanking hands, it was dreadful. But in the end they learned the rules that I go by. And now were selling thousands of records".

Oliver Scott Sykes was born in Sheffield, England where he lived till he was five before moving to Australia with his external image Oli-Sykes-Drop-Dead-drop-dead-5674456-426-640.jpgparents. He then returned to the UK to live in Stockbridge where he attended school at Stockbridge High School(Last F.M.). During his years attending high school he said "I was extremely unpopular at school. Once the hardest kid in school beat me up and there was a plan for about 30 other kids to kick me in the face once I was down. Good times!" (Sykesfan) during his years at Stockbridge High School he began to dabble in multiple music projects such as Olisaurus or Oli Has a Deathwish, which was an electronic/instrumental project, and Womb 2 Da Tomb, a rap side project including Oli's brother tom, and Bring Me The Horizon member Matt Nicholls(Sykesfan).

Then in 2004 Bring Me The Horizon was formed with the members of many different failed band they began working on their firstexternal image oli03.jpg ep entitled "This is What The Edge of Your Seat Was Made For" under the record label Thirty Days of Night Records in 2004(Last F.M.). Oli was quoted to have come up with the name while watching Pirates of the Caribbean when Jack Sparrow shout "Now..Bring me that horizon!” Shortly after the band was founded Oli began working on a clothing line called Drop Dead clothing, around the same time Oli had seen a video on peta's website showing animal cruelty and joined the organization and used his clothing to make a shirt dawning the slogan "Meat Sucks" to help raise funds(Kerrang).
They later signed with Visible Noise in 2005, The EP was then re-released under visible noise in 2006. The band went on to win "Best British Newcomer" at the Kerrang! Magazine Awards, and in October the band released its debut "Count Your Blessings."(Last F.M.) Then in 2008 the band released the second full length album "Suicide Season" with a remixed version being released in the UK entitled "Suicide Season: Cut Up."

The band is currently working on their next album expected to be out next year, Oli has been talking of a new progect as well which he describes as "couldn't be any farther frome Bring Me The Horizon, and if you dont like to dance you probably wont like it." Currently Oli is still working with Bring Me The Horizon as vocalist and running his Drop Dead clothing line as well as being an active member of Peta.

  • Won Kerrang! Award for Best British Newcomer 2006
  • Nominated Kerrang! Award for Best British Band 2008

WHY I CHOSE HIM: Oliver Sykes is a great musican whos music has really influenced me personally and his activism in peta has contributed a lot to such a powerful cause and helps inspire young fans to take action as well.

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