Quentin Tarantino

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Date of birth
March 27, 1963
Birth Name
Quentin Tarantino
Knoxville, Tennessee

Personal Life

I would not consider Quentin a normal guy, you can tell by watching any of his movies. His differences are the reasons he is such a successful director. When he was growing up he did what he wanted to. Quentin’s dad left before he was even born and his mom moved to Torrance, California. He ended up dropping out of school in ninth grade and worked part-time as an usher in a porno-graphic movie theater. His home town of Los Angeles was a great place to get his career started. Since he was always into movies he started working at Video Archives, a really popular video store in that area (Erlwmine, 2009). While working here he met several armature and professional directors and would run ideas past them. This film store is where his career got started. He met Roger Avery who does several screen plays with him later in life (Quenten Tarantino, 2009). The first experience into the film industry happened with Craig Hamann in a short movie called My Best Friend's Birthday. This movie was not too successful. He did not just want to be a film director he also acted and did impressions. One of his favorite things to do was Elvis impersonations.

Career Accomplishments

Luckily for us Tarantino is the definition of following your dreams. In his adolescent years you could already see that he was obsessed with movies because he watched every movie in the store and would watch movies all night with his friends. If he wasn't a movie director then he would have probably ended up being an English teacher or professor (Contemporary Authors Online, 2009). Tarantino's movies are notorious for their dialogue first, then violence. His movies have long sessions of dialogue that make the movie seem more like real life. For the most part, the dialogue is complex and makes you think; there is also an abundance of irrelevant information but builds up the story. Sometimes you will not understand the meaning of a scene until the plot jumps before or after that scene. Tarantino's movies are put together very uniquely. He likes to jump around from scene to scene using flashbacks and foreshadowing. One of his most liked movies Reservoir Dogs used these techniques through out the whole movie. This is one of the reasons critics love this movie, it keeps you interested and your constantly learning more about the plot and putting it together like a puzzle. Most movies are extremely predictable the whole duration along with the dialogue and overused puns. With Tarantino’s films you never know what to expect next, he even can make two people sitting down eating and talking seem interesting. "Only a Tarantino film can give you the feeling of pure boredom and electric intensity all at the same time. Both can come of simple conversation and over-the-top action. "Death Proof" is the quintessential Tarantino film, where he has long, drawn out conversations that are constantly interrupted yet free flowing and very natural as the characters talk about everyday things (pop culture) and use quirky old sayings" (International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers, 2009). Each one of his movies has a certain motif in it that makes his movies more appealing to watch. The movie Death Proof takes place in our present time, but the main characters look and act like they are from the 60's or 70's. The movie appears as an older one. In the lap dance scene, near the end, the film looks old and crackly and then it cuts out at the end. After it cuts out it starts to continue later in the plot when they are leaving the bar. Tarantino's newest movie Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2 also has an awesome motif through out the whole movie. It's in the form of a book with chapters. Some scenes are shown in cartoons which builds your interests in the movie. These are just a few of Quentin Tarantino's well directed unique movies.

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Why Tarantino?

My sister kept talking about him so I thought I would check him out. I believe I saw the movie Death Proof first. Instantly I was attracted to the: Plot, music choice, dialogue, violence, the way the movies are presented, and constant swearing. I personally think he is the best director with the best movies. Like I said before I hate those extremely predictable movies, I can’t stand them. None of his movies are like that. His movies are intelligent but entertaining at the same time!

Global influence

Tarantino is a widely known a director with an astonishing, encyclopedic knowledge of movies, film criticism, and film history. He was a high school drop out and is a great example of some one going for their dream. When he was a young man working at a video store he started writing a script for From Dusk Till Dawn. He sold the script and make money to start making Reservoir Dogs. He knew what he wanted to do in his head, he had a plan and he did not let anything get in his way. His films are inspiration for the next generation of film directors. Like Hitchcock- Tarantino dared to go someplace most other directors did not, out side the box. His movies have a lot of cinematic values that are expected, but he hits you with the dialogue in ways you are not used to. "Tarantino and his many productions leave us feeling like we just witnessed an actual discussion at a simple coffee house that had action sequences and plot as sort of an afterthought" (Buttler, 2009). Movies are very entertaining for any age group, and most movies appear visually appealing to us, to keep our attention. Visuals are an important factor, but Tarantinos new way of directing entertains us through our ears. The ways of the dialogue blend so well with the violence we all want to see. His movies hit us hard and will remain in many people’s collections.


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