external image 10069439.jpgWillie Adler
Born: January 26, 1976

Career: Lamb OF God

Willie adler the famous lead guitar player from lamb of god. he First joined when Abe Spear left the band. Willie is a self taught guitar player well know for his odd style of playing due to his unusually large reack of the fret board. He includes odd/dissonant chord shapes unique timing patterns and odd rythyms, while being an obsessive perfectionist. Along side Mark Morton(second guitar) he mostly plays the jagged staccato riffs while Mark plays the more groove-oriented rhythms and solos. Willie is also the lead song writer as well as lead guitar. He has written songs such as "Blood of the Scribe", "Beating on Death's Door", " Hourglass", "Black Label", "Again we Rise", : 11th Hour", "Bloodjunkie", "Ashes of the Wake", and many more.
And as all great guitar players they need the best equipment. In willie's case he has signed a deal with ESP guitars. He has made his own signiture guitar(the camo one). On his guitar he uses Seymour Duncan JBexternal image p1_ur0u2s0qh_so.jpg pick ups and throws his sound out with a Mesa Boogie Mark IV amplifier and Framus 4x12 cabneits (x9).When willie is not on tour or jammin hard he enjoys spending time with his wife Brandy son Tres and their dogs as well as working around the house.

Why chose him?:
I chose willie adler because he is in my favorite band: Lamb of God. A pure american hevey metal band. I believe he is one of the most talented guitar players out their. The way he plays with exact precision in rythm and the absolutly crazy riffs that he creates. In my book any one that can play true 32nd notes and play across the fret board deserves some praise. I also think that he creates the sound that other bands cannot, and they keep their style moving, making it im possible to place one genre on them. This is what defines them and they dont do it for any one but them selves.

Global impact:
Lamb of God is a global band for sure. 15 years ago they started out as an under ground thrash metal band. And grew till what they are today. Their rise to major records was set in 2004 when the "Ashes of the Wake" album was released and in 2006 when "Sacrament" was released. Both fans and critics celebrated these new albums. And now in 2009 the have taken the attention of the metal world with their newest album "Wrath."
This band is unlike most of the new ones becasue it has been around for more than a decade.

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