Given Name: Curtis James Jackson III
Nickname: 50 Cent
Date of Birth: July 6, 1975PF_918761.jpg
Birth Place: Queens, New York
Height: 6'
Weight: 220 lbs
Family: has a son Marquise Jackson with ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins

Why I Chose 50 Cent:

I chose 50 cent as my person who influenced our generation because he changed the way we view and feel about music. He also is one of my favorite rappers and is a story of someone who went from rags to riches. When his hardcore style of rap first came out executives and officials were scared of the violence and what message it would send to kids. However when it was released it soon hit mainstream not only with the inner city youth, but also suburban areas. His music was just so raw and different than what I was used to hearing that it drew me in right away. His early albums are what made me a fan because his songs weren't about money or cars as typical rap was and is today. It was about real things that he experienced and felt. I also have tremendous respect for the man and how he went from having nothing to stopping at nothing to get to the top. That is why I chose 50.


“Don't much good come from me, but my music
Is a gift given from God so I'm gonna use it.”

“I'm the type to swallow my blood 'fore I swallow my pride.”

I'm not sensitive, I give people things exactly the way they are, and if they're ready to absorb it they will, and if they aren't they won't.

"I don't think it makes me a role model. I think it makes me inspiring. Cos I'm from the bottom I think they look at me and go 'well, if he made it, I can make it."

"I think it`s easier for the general public to embrace me in a negative way. You have people who already have a perception of me that says I`m a bad person."

"I`m not trying to save the world. As a musician and artist, it just ain`t me."

50 Cent's "In da Club" has won over 15 awards worldwide and is his most widely popular and recognizable song.

Global Influence:

50 Cent helped influence how rap is percieved today. Although it may not be viewed as actual music by some, most have grown accustomed to it and love what it has to offer. It has also become a very dominant part of pop culture, whereas a couple decades ago it was nonexistent. His lyrics and the way he rapped were controversial at first, but he helped bridge that transition from rap as being horrible, rotten sounds to inspiring, head-rocking music. 50 has inspired many young people especially African American boys to go out and work your way to the top. He showed a whole young generation what alot of hard work and perseverance can accomplish. People can look at his story and say " Hey if he made it from nothing I can too." And that is truly what makes 50 Cent great, his story and ability to inspire.


American Music Awards: Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male Artist, Fan's Choice Award

Pop Music Awards: Songwriter of the Year (2004, 2006), Most Performed Song

Rhythm and Soul Music Awards: Songwriter of the Year (2004, 2005), Top R&B/Hip-Hop Song, Top Rap Song, Top Ringtone Song of the Year, Ringtone of the Year

AVN Awards: Best Interactive DVD, Best Music

BET Awards: Best New Artist, Best Male Hip-Hop Artist, Best Group, Best Hip-Hop Artist

BET Hip-Hop Awards: Best Hip-Hop Video, Hustler of the Year

Billboard Music Awards: Album of the Year (2003, 2005), Artist of the Year (2003, 2005), Hot 100 Single of the Year, R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year(2003, 2005), Rap Artist of the Year(2003,2005), Hot 100 Male Artist of the Year, Ringtone of the Year(2004, 2005), Hot 100 Artist of the Year

Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards: Top R&B/Hip-Hop Artist (2003, 2005), Top Male R&B/Hip-Hop Artist (2003, 2005), Top New R&B/Hip-Hop Artist, Top R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Artist (2003, 2005), Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album (2003, 2005), Top R&B/Hip-Hop Single, Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album Artist (2003, 2005), Top Rap Album (2003, 2005), Top R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Airplay, Hot Rap Track of the Year,

MOBO Awards: Best Hip-Hop Act, Best Album, Best Single

MTV Video Music Awards: Best Rap Video, Best New Artist In a Video

The Source Awards: Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Vibe Awards: Artist of the Year, Dopest Album, Hottest Hook (2003,2005), Best Group, Best Rapper

World Music Awards: Best Artist of the Year, Best New Artist, Best R&B Act, Best Hip-Hop Act, Best Pop Act, Best-Selling Hip-Hop Artist


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