Dwayne Michael Carter


D.O.B: September 27,1982

Birth place: New Orleans, Louisiana

Height/Weight 5'5/145

spouse Antonia Johnson (divorce)

Career Accomplishments

Lil Wayne has already Accomplishment a lot over his already 12 year career. He won 4
Grammies in 2009 and was nominated 8 times in 09. He has won
18 awards from BET, MTV, OZONE and Vibe music awards mainly all
for the Carter III album. The carter III sold more than 1 million copiesin its
first week; few have ever done that. Dwayne has done more than win
awards and sell records, for example in 2005 Wayne became president of Cash Money Records.


And if you come up from under that water and there's fresh air, just breathe baby, God's got a blessin' to spare. I know the process is so much stress but it's the progress that feels the best. I came from the projects straight to success and you're next, just try, they can't steal your pride, it's inside. Then find it and keep on grindin' 'cause in every dark cloud theres a silver linin'; I know

I am the only fire that can live in the rain.

I have no stress, because I am the best

Don't compare me cause there aint nobody near me

Pow, one to the head now you know he dead


Backround info

In 1982 a boy named Dwayne Michael Carter was born. I don’t think anyone would have gussed that this baby would take the rap game to a whole new level. Wayne grew up in Hollygrove of New Orleans, Lousiana. Even growing up Wayne was in a class of his own, he enrolled in Lafayette Elementary gifted program. He was a straight A student, but he didn’t think his true intelligence was being used in the right way. By age 8, he wrote his very first song. When Wayne was 11, he walked into a record store with the founders of Cash Money Records to do a special appearance; the brave 11 year old wanted to show them that he could rock it. He put on a little show for them, the rap spelled out the name of his neighorhood (Hollygrove). This impressed Bryan (Baby) and Slim Williams just enough to give Wayne their Business card. Once Wayne got his fingers on that card he called over and over until they took him in to do a bunch of odd jobs. When he was 12 baby gave him a shot in the studios they would put on a beat and let Wayne flow, they saved all his raps and he put out his first albums by age 12. After his first album, Baby put together a rap group B.G.’z and put Lil Wayne in it. In 1995 his mom, Jacida Carter, had Wayne removed from the group. This made Wayne so mad he ran away from home, but before he left he grabbed his step dad’s gun. While he was running away he accidentally shot himself in the chest, the bullet went straight through, he made a full recovery. After the near death experience he joined back up with his group with their new name the Hot Boys.Their first album, Guerrilla Warfare, the toped charts, eventually selling more than 1 million copies. This was all before he was 16 years old They had to have known that this kid had “IT”.

There were no breaks for Wayne, he started up his solo career with Tha Block is H
ot (1999) this album which double platinum. After the success of his 1st album his next 2 didn’t do as well, but still good. What Wayne did next changed the game for years to come he put out his very first mixtape (DA Drought). A mixtape is already made beats just with new lyrics.

Still Wayne wasn’t getting the credit he deserved. In 2004 he put out Tha Carter which had Go DJ as his top song. There was no time to slow down for Wayne, he released his next album that same year (Tha Cater Vol.2). Over the years Wayne put out a lot of music. From 2004 to 2008 several mixtapes and 2 more albums. In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit his home town he established the One Family Foundation to help urban youth. In addition to that he is helping to rebuild the athletic fields at his old school. In 2008 Wayne really made a name for himself putting out tha Carter III. Just in the first week it sold over 1 million copies only one other rapper has ever done that. This album didn’t have one bad song they were all great know one could touch Wayne after tha Cater III. In every car, ipod and mp3’s had Lil’ Wayne blasting even the people who don’t like rap was listening to Wayne. With that album it lunch Wayne from a star to a super star he won 3 Grammy’s that year just for tha Carter III. Wayne has been recording mainly with other artists just being a feature on the songs. His latest mixtape was put out in oct. 2009. He already has put out more than 300 songs and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Why Lil Wayne Influences me
How could anyone not pick Lil Wayne as the most influential rapper today? He has changed how you listen to music how you follow music. Before Wayne rappers would put out a CD maybe once a year but Wayne he puts out like 3 to 4 every year. He knowAP080624043495.jpgs how to work to be great. He puts in the time like athletes do for there sport in the off-season, Wayne just does it in the studio year round. Wayne has done so much for rap and rappers to come. It’s not all about just getting rich and famous he loves what he does and is the hardest working guy in America, he is a professional. This is why Wayne is so influential to me because he is everywhere; everyone knows that he is the best rapper alive.

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