Mike Myers

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Birthday: May 25th 1963
Birthplace:Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5'9''
Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Producer, and Writer
Spouse: Robin Ruzan (Divorced)

The Man Himself:

Mike Myers is an incredibly rare gifted actor who's ab-lib abilitly makes his work fly by his competion. He is an incredibly hard worker and puts so much effort into every production he does, which sometimes includes him in playing the roles of multiple charecters, producing, and writing all at the same time. For example in what I believe to be his best piece of work, the Austin Powers Triology, he plays charecters such as Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat B, and Goldmember. You have to be one incredible talent to play four roles in a movie all at the same time while producing it! Playing multiple roles and appearing in his underwear are a trait of Mike Myers in his movies, so be on the look-out for those the next time you watch a movie he apperas in. Mike also has done a few voice overs for animated chrecters like in the Shrek movies, where he played the big ogre Shrek. Mike's best quality is really shown when he was on Saturday Night Live doing genius sketches that really showcased how great of not just a comedian but an actor he is. It takes a pretty talented person to be able to make a joke about something and just keep on going with it until he ties it all back together with the original topic so people don't get lost.

Getting Started:

Mike was an unkown talent for the early part of his career until he landed a part on the high-rising Saturday Night Live. Myers was a hit right from the begining. His sketches were off the charts with his brilliant comedy style and had people raving for more. Then the moment the ignited his career was the Waynes World sketches with Dana Carvey. Later that year Mike won an Emmy for the outstading job. Because of the great sucess of the sketch Mike and Dana got the opurtunity of a life time to star in Wayne's World the movie, and a few years later Wayne's World 2. A couple of years went by and Mike kept making noise with his SNL sketches, then my fav
orite movie trilogy of all-time was created. In 1997 Austin Powers the International Man of Mystery was born. This movie began one of the greatest comedy triologies of all-time, with its ridiculous antics, and provocative jokes. Also this movie included some of of the "stupid humor" factor. Then Austin Powers 2 The Spy Who Shagged Me came out and was an even bigger hit then the first one. Then in 2001 Mike landed a role as a big green ogre named Shrek. Shrek was the first voice over animated movie that Mike had done and he did such a good job that the film as a whole won many awards and made a lot of money. The next year Mike came back to finsh the last instalment of the epic tirology of the Austin Powers movies, entitled Austin Powers Goldmember. Mike has starred in many films since then such as Shrek 1, 2, and 3, the Love Guru, and a few others that for the most part have been quite successful productions. Mike also has been a main writer in many of the movies he has worked in including, Wayne's World 1 and 2, Austin Powers 2 and 3, and The Love Guru. When he decides to become invovled with a production Mike will go all out on it doing whatever he can to make it the best work possible. There are some hollywood actors and actresses that simply just show up to the filming on the days they have to, don't always have their lines memorized, and they still get paid millions of dollars. Mike I'm sure not only has his own lines memorized many of the other charecters in the scene with him to so he knows how he can go off on atangent and still come back and give the other actors a chance to basically stick to there script.



2003- MTV Movie Award for Austin Powers Goldmember
2000- American Comedy Award for funiest actor, Blockbuster Entertainment Award for best villian, MTV Movie Award for best on screen duo, and a teen choice award all for The Spy Who Shagged Me
1992- He won a MTV movie award for Wayne's World and was nominated for Wayne's World 2
1989- Won an Emmy for his sketches on SNL
1989-2010 Too many nominatios for various awards to list

Why Mike Myers?:

Better question, why not Mike Myers? Mike Myers is probably the most ridiculously hilarious person I have ever watched act in my life. His incredible timing and ab-libing make him unique in such a way that no other comedian even comes close to him. Mike just has that special ablilty to make evenone in the room break out in laughter and thats what I love most about him. People that work with him have to really step up their own acting ability to even keep up with what he randomly bursts out with during a scene. There is no question in my mind that Mike Myers is one of the greatest comedians of all-time.


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