Brett Favre
Birth Name: Brett Lorenzo Favre
Birthplace: Gulfport, Mississippi
Date of Birth: October 10th, 1969
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 222lbs
Spouse & Family: Married to Deanna with daughters Brittney and Breleigh

Personal Life
Brett Favre was raised in the small town of Kiln, Mississippi with a population of about 7,500 people. His house was not spectacular or fancy, but very close to what some people would call, "red-neck." The house was so close to Rotten Bayou that alligators had eaten three of the families pet dogs and Brett's father Irvin "Big Irv" Favre could fish off of his back deck with perfect access to the bayou. Work ethic came natural to Brett as he ran miles upon miles everyday and killing his arms doing push ups before bed. Brett played under his own father (who was head coach of the varsity football team at Hancock North Central High School) during high school playing not only quarterback; but also safety, lineman, and place kicker. Obviously football was Brett's true love but he was also a tremendous baseball player as well. When Brett was only in 8th grade, he started on his high school's varsity baseball team and earned five varsity letters in baseball alone. After high school, the Favre family was praying that a scout had come to watch him play due to the fact that money was tight and college did not appear in Brett's future. Thankfully, Southern Mississippi contacted him asking him to play football for them, and Favre became the newest addition as Southern Mississippi's 7th string quarterback. Favre finally reached top dog status at Southern Miss. and to their astonishment, the "dumb country-boy" could actually play quarterback amazingly. Just before the start of his senior season at Southern Miss. Brett flipped his car three time while driving down a dirt road in his hometown, he had been drinking. Though seconds away from death, a godsend was given to the Favre family once again. Brett went into emergency surgery and had 30 inches of intestines removed from his body, but to everyone's amazement Brett was there on game day under center as quarterback for his team. Once his college career was over, Favre went into the NFL draft and was selected by the Atlanta Falcons. Falcons coach Jerry Glanville designated Brett as a "car wreck," due to the fact Brett was known more for his partying and absences from practices, team meetings, and even the team photo (which Brett was fined $1,500 for), rather than his effort on the field. Soon enough Favre found himself getting shipped off to Green Bay, Wisconsin, also known as "Title Town USA" and home of the Packers. After becoming the starting quarterback in Green Bay, Favre found himself addicted to a lethal amount of the painkilling drug "Vicodin." Favre told People Magazine that, "The pills enabled me to escape the realities of being a quarterback and a star." In February of 1996, Brett suffered from a seizure after having ankle surgery. Brett admitted to the world that he was addicted and check himself into a rehabilitation center to get himself clean, he was out 45 days later... The NFL reinstated Favre under the terms that he would not touch a drop of alcohol or Vicodin for two full years. Finally in the summer of 1996, Brett and his high school sweet heart Deanna Tynes tied the knot and joined each other in holy matrimony. Up until this day they remain loyal to each other and have gone through family deaths and even cancer. In October of 2004, Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the aggressive treatment and help of doctors, Deanna still made it to Brett's games with or without a wig. Brett's shining moment came not in a Super Bowl, but on December 2nd of 2003. The night before (December 1st, 2003), Brett's father "Big Irv" suddenly collapsed and died of a heart attack in his Mississippi home. Not only did Favre show up for the game on December 2nd against the Oakland Raiders, he made a career night of it. Brett threw 22 for 30 passes for completions and racked up 399 yards with 4 touchdowns on a night that some speculators say "divine intervention" came into play. Another obstacle in Brett's life came in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast and destroyed his parents home. Thankfully there were no injuries and the house was rebuilt just to his mother's (Bonita Favre) liking. Over the course of his career Brett has gone through two retirements and has had four cities to call "home." He continues his amazing feat till this day, and will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time ("Brett favre biographical," 1997).

Career Accomplishments

Brett Favre began his career in the NFL in 1991 when he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons 33rd overall. During his time in Atlanta Favre threw all but four passes and completed two of them, but to the wrong team... His career ended with the falcons after the 1992 season with 0 for 4 pass completions and two interceptions. After being traded to Green Bay in 1992 Favre began his first season with the Packers on the bench. Waiting until week two of the season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Favre saw some playing time and took over at the quarterback position for Packers starting quarterback Don Majikowski in the second half. Favre's first completion was to actually himself. The throw which bounced off of his own lineman came back at him, which he caught and the play resulted in a loss of seven yards. The Packers lost 31-3 and Favre racked up a total of 106 passing yards. The Packers third game of the season, against the Cincinnati Bengals, was a whole new story for Favre. After the starting quartedback Don Majikowski was injured, Favre was ready to play. Favre found himself on the fan's bad side as he fumbled the ball four times throughout the game, Packer fans started chanting for third string quarterback Ty Detmer to play. In the final quarter of the game Favre took control of the Packers offense while trailing 23-17. With just one minute and seven seconds left in the game, Favre started a Packers drive from their own eight yard line. Favre ended up tossing the game winning touchdown to Kitrick Taylor with all but 13 seconds left in the game. (Evans, 2004) From that day forward, the generation of Favre began in Green Bay and Packer fans would not see another quarterback play for another 16 years. In Favre's 5th season (1996) the Packers reached Super Bowl XXXI (31) against the New England Patriots in the Superdome located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Favre led the Packers with 246 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and also one rushing touchdown, to their third Superbowl victory in franchise history defeating the Patriots 35-21. The following year Favre and the Packers were once again playing for the Lombardi trophy once more. Super Bowl XXXII (32) however did not end up with Favre winning another MVP. However, Favre's 256 passing yards and 3 TD's did not help the Packers in their loss to the Denver Broncos 31-24, who were led by another legend of a quarterback, John Elway (Evans, 2004).
During the off season of the upcoming 2008 season, the Packers General Manager Ted Thompson wanted an answer onto whether or not Brett would be retiring. Favre wanted some more time to decide, so Thompson again asked him to make his decesion soon. On March 4th, 2008 Brett Favre announced to the whole world that he would be retiring from the NFL. During Favre's retirement press conference, Favre admitted that he could still play; but he was physically tired but mentally stable enough to keep playing. These words came to life as on August 7th, 2008 Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets for an undisclosed draft pick in next years 2009 NFL draft (Snyder, 2008).

Following the 2008 NFL season, Favre once again decided to go into retirement. On August 18th, 2009 however, Favre packed his bags again for a familiar dome that looks like the Michelin man... Brad Childress (Viking's head coach) talked to Favre over the off season and convinced him to join the Viking's organization for all but one season, with the 2010 season optional. Brett now calls Minnesota his home and is the starting quarterback for the Vikings. The 2009 season which is currently nearing the end of the season will be on Brett will never forget. With a very young and talented team, Favre has his sights set on another Super Bowl.


  • Favre has won 3 NFL MVP's (1995-1997) *Currently ties with Peyton Manning for most all time
  • 10 time Pro Bowl Selection *Most recent (2008)
  • Favre was named to the NFL's 1990's All Decade Team
  • Favre has been to 2 Super Bowl's (1996, 1997) and has won one (1997)
  • Favre holds multiple NFL Quarterback records
    • *Consecutive starts in an NFL game (282)
    • *Most victories as a starting quarterback (179)
    • *Most touchdown thrown all time (488)
    • *Most Passing yards all time (68,001 yards)
    • *Most passing completions all time (5,937 completed passes)
    • *Most passing attempts all time (9,368 attempted passes)
    • *Most interceptions thrown all time (313)
    • *Games with at least 3 touchdown passes (70)
    • *Games with at least 4 touchdown passes (22)
    • *Seasons with at least 30 touchdown passes (8)
    • *Seasons with at least 3,000 passing yards (17)
    • *Career playoff interceptions thrown (28)
    • Favre is the only player in the history of the NFL to have beaten ALL 32 teams
  • Denotes statistics are subject to change as of 12/1/2009

  1. "Leon Farmer was in the on-deck circle and he nailed me. I had a big egg on my head. If i cried, it was because i figured that's what I was supposed to do. I used to cry when I'd get a whuppin'. It didn't hurt, but I didn't want another one. I would cry to fool people"
  2. "Probably the best thing that ever happened to me was that I went out and partied, drank alot of beer, didn't show up for meeting on time, and got traded."
  3. "Im so much more confident each year I play. I know what I'm doing now..."
  4. Getting tired of the adoration of Packers fans, Favre released this statement. "That's why i love to go back home... It's all people who don't give a s*, it keeps me sane."
  5. “I'd write over and over, 'I will not throw into coverage'."

Why I chose Brett...
Well, I mean come on... Everyone who is my age or younger has literally grown up watching this guy run the Packers (let alone Wisconsin athletics in general... except for the Badgers men's hockey national championship in 2006 and the women following suit in 2009... what don't tell me you didn't that...). Brett has shown us that no matter who you are or where you grow up, that everyone in this world has an equal shot at achieving their dreams. I also believe Brett has shown many people that you don't have to change who you are if you become a superstar. The guy shows up at training camp, team meetings, and before games in his classic white t-shirt, sandals (sometimes flip flops), and of course his classic Wrangler blue jeans. Now that I look back on his career, I literally cannot recall him ever wearing dress pants, tie, or shiny black shoes (except for the ESPY's, cause that's kind of a formal thing). I know for a fact he has made an impact on my life, I will never lose sight of what I want to achieve.

Now.... Something for your viewing pleasure :D
This commercial shows how Brett HASN'T CHANGED and how he can still laugh at himself...
(Refers to his decisions about retirement... Cant change his mind... If you didn't know I am honored to enlighten you)

Finally, I actually remember the airing of this commercial before the Pack played the Lions. To this day it still sends a shiver down my spine. This video REALLY does sum up everything i have told you all about up there ^^^

"We are all thankful...(at least I am) for you Brett."

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Yes I admit i have a huge man-crush on him....