lang_lang.jpg Lang Lang

Date of Birth
June 14, 1982
Shenyang, China
Father: Guo-ren Lang, Mother: Xuilan Zhou


Lang Lang, Born in Shenyang, China was the only child in his family due to back when China had the "one child rule." His biography at his websitetells the story of a childhood that he endured through to be successful today (Lang Lang Biography 2009). He started playing piano at the age of 3. At age 4 he studied under Professor Zhu Ya-fen. At age 5 he won the Shenyang Piano Competition. At age 8 Lang Lang and his father went to Beijing to study more but would only be supported by his mother's salary and living in rooms with no heat. At age 9 Lang Lang failed the Beijing Conservatory audition (Stearns, 2008) because he wasn't good enough and was told by his father to kill himself because his father sacrificed everything for him because he believed in Lang's skills at a young age. After failing the audition his teacher tells Lang to play a record of Mozart's and soon he was admitted to Beijing's Music Conservatory and studied with Professor Zhao Ping-Guo. Lang then won the Tchaikovsky International Young Musicians Competition in Japan
. He played the complete Chopin Etudes at the Beijing Hall at age 13 in 1995. At age 14 he studied under Gary Graffman and Dick Doran when he was admitted to the Curtis Institute in 1996. Lang Lang's stardom occurred at age 17 when he was called to perform at the "Gala of the Century," to play the Tchaikovsky concerto with the Chicago Symphony. After this extraordinary debut Lang Lang has performed numerous successful concerts around the world.

In 2004 Lang Lang was appointed as the International Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). He currently serves the Weill Music Institute Advisory Committee as a part of Carnegie Hall's educational program and he is the youngest member in Carnegie Hall's Board. Lang Lang continues to give master classes throughout the world through the invitations of the most prestigious music institutes like Julliard School, Curtis Institute of Music, Manhattan School of Music and Hanover Conservatory.external image books_title_red.jpg He has proven to the world that chinese musicians can also go into classical music with pride and determination.

In 2008 Random House published Lang Lang's biography Journey of a Thousand Miles and as part of his commitment to the education of children's, his autobiography Playing with Flying Keys was released for younger kids (Lang Lang Books, 2009). His books encourages young players to keep playing the piano and improve their skills to a new height and a new generation of talents.


Lang Lang was administered into the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia and was invited to play the Tchaikovsky concerto with Isaac Stern. He played at the opening of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and an estimated view of 5 billion people watched his phenomenal performance. Known as a genius he performed at the Grammy Awards, China's 60th Anniversary in Tiananmen Square and each of his performance he demonstrates emotional and physical response to the music. At the 2008 Grammy awards he performed with the great jazz musician Herbie Hancock broadcasted to 45 million viewers around the world.

Also in 2008, Lang Lang announced the International Music Foundation in New York with the support of UNICEF and the Grammy's. In helping the children's understand and enjoy classical music, the Foundation was created to stimulate their generation. Other then his commitment to music, Lang Lang holds the title of the first Ambassador of the Youtube
Symphony Orchestra. Lang Lang has achieved much in recording his songs and performing recitals and concerts everywhere he goes. His devotion to being a pianist has put him in Time 100 Time Magazines most influential people in the world in dedicating to supporting young piano players (Hancock, 2009).

Lang Lang puts everything he has into his performances and always accepts opinions of others on his skill as a pianist and brings that forth into his performance to show his improvements as a pianist (Smith, 2009). Lang's improvements not only come from the opinions of others but also from the best American orchestras and conductors like Maazel, Welser-Möst, Mehta, Tilson Thomas, Jansons, Barenboim, Dutoit, Eschenbach, Sawallisch and Temirkanov. Now Lang Lang has become a professional pianist and has been recording with many famous artists all around the world. He has appeared in tons of shows to perform for the viewers his musics that he created with time and patience.

Why I chose Lang Lang

I believe that Lang Lang is the future of this generation's hope of understanding and enjoying classical music none like before with his enthusiastic personality that he performs to his audience. He is the most energetic pianist that the world has ever seen in some time and young kids look up to him hoping that one day they would become like him. I think that Lang Lang will rise higher then any other classical pianist in the world for he puts his emotion and feelings into every notes that he plays. He gives young piano players all over the world hopes of achieving their goals and to never stop playing the piano but to rise higher and learn more about different kinds of music. He helps the young improve and climb the long ladder to becoming professional pianists. I believe that Lang Lang will become the best classical music player because he's devoted to his music and plays with great emotional feelings


Lang was picked as one of 20 youth who would change the world by the American magazine Teen People
In 2004 Lang Lang was appointed as UNICEF's International GoodWill Abassador to the United Nations
Entitled as a World Peace Ambassador
Appointed as Mr. Deutsche Grammophon of 2004 in Germany
Listed as one of the 33 most outstanding and wisest figures of 2005 by the world famous magazine Esquire
Launched Lang Lang International Music Foundation in new York with support of UNICEF and germany
Lang Lang holds title of the first Ambassador of the Youtube Symphony Orchestra
Lang Lang is global brand Ambassador for Sony Electronics
Serves on the Weill Music Institue Advisory Committee
One of the 250 Young Global Leaders picked by the World Economic Forum
In 2007 nominated for a Grammy, becoming the first Chinese artist to be nominated for Best Instrumental Soloist
In 2008 The Recording Academy named him their Cultural Ambassador to China
Chosen as an official worldwide Ambassador to the 2010 Shanghai Expo.


1985 With father's support, studied to play the piano at the age of three
1986 Studied professional piano under professor Zhu Yafen at age four
1996 Entered the Curtis Institute of Music and was a student of Gary Graffman, the head of the college and a master pianist


1993 Won the Xing Hai Cup Piano Competition in Beijing
1993 Placed first in the 4th German International Youth Piano Competition and received the Outstanding Achievement Art Prize
1995 Placed first in the 2nd Tchaikovsky International Youth Musician Competition
2002 Received the first art golden medal released by the Steinway & Sons Company, the worlds top piano producer in the world, at its 150th Anniversary Ceremony and was entitled as a Steinway& Sons Artist
2002 Was the only winner to receive the Leonard Bernstein Award at the Schleswig-Holstein Festival
2007 Honored by The Recording Academy with the Presidential Merit Award


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