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Hope Solo

Birth Name: Hope Amelia Solohopesolo.jpg

Birth date: 07/30/1981

Hometown: Richland, Washington

Height: 5'9"

Occupation: Soccer Player, Olympic Athlete

Position: Goalkeeper.

Career Biography

large_soccer.jpgHope has been playing soccer ever since she was a little girl, fiver years old to be specific. Her father was her first coach, the Pink Panthers.At the age of 14 Solo was recruited for the All-American U14 girls team and has been playing for All-American Teams since then.Once old enough Hope then got drafted in the Womens Pro Soccer League which then lead her to getting a spot on the Womens National Olympic Soccer team.

In high school she played as a forward for Richland High School, scoring 109 goal throughout her career and took her team to three consecutive league titles from 1996 to 1998 and a state championship her senior year. Richland was undefeated and ended up ranked 4th in the nation by the end of 1998. They had outscored their opponents 95 to 5. During the state championship in 1999, Hope scored three goals in the semifinals and twice in the final.
Hope, as a senior, had achieved a new single-season conference record with 38 goals. Not only was hope an All-American at soccer but she was also an academic All-American at her school.

Solo went to the University of Washington and decided to change positions from forward to goalkeeper and became the team's all-time leader in shutouts, saves, and goals against average (GAA) She was an All-American for her sophomore, junior, and senior year at the University of Washington. (Profile n.d.)

' [Solo] made her debut with the U.S. National Team in 2000, and the professional Philadelphia Charge drafted her in 2003. Solo also played pro soccer for Goteborg in Sweden and for the Olympic Lyonnaise in France.' (Hope Solo 2008)

The Hope Solo Controversy

On September 26, 2007. US women’s coach Greg Ryan made the astonishing decision to changing his goalkeeper for World Cup semifinal match against Brazil. Hope had been the regular goalkeeper for the team in the tournament and hadn’t a goal scored on her since the United States’ 2-2 draw against North Korea in their first game.
The 36-year-old veteran Briana Scurry started as goalie instead. The game was against the Brazilians and Ryan insisted that it was purely a tactical decision due to Scurry’s impressive abilities in the past years.
Scurry is 12-0 against Brazil, Solo has never played against them, and Ryan said, 'The way the Brazilians play, in terms of creating off the dribble in the penalty box and making a goalkeeper make reaction-type saves I think Bri is the best goalkeeper in the world for those situations.'
Many members of the team, including former U.S. captain Julie Foudy, were doubtful in the changes made to the roster even after Ryan had explained it.
'I think Bri will be fine, and the move will be fine,' Foudy said. 'But I just think it becomes a distraction when you're too focused on that rather than the game. To me, i
t's a sign of worrying too much about the opponent. I think you just play. You know they're good. You know their strengths and weaknesses but you don't have to make such a drastic change.'
Solo, of course, was not happy with the decision, but said that her team will need here there, on or off the field, and will of course support Scurry as she takes the field against Brazil.
No doubt that after the game was over and the U.S. was defeated in an embarrassing 4-0 against Brazil that coach Greg Ryan was fired. After Solo had apologized to the team and made amends with Bri, new coach Pia Sundhage has asked Solo back on the team to play with them this up and coming Olympic season as starting goalkeeper. (Controversy 2007)

Career Achievements

Hope has received many awards, but has only won one in her
professional career. The award was given in August of 2009 where she received the 2009 U.S. Coast Guard Goalkeeper of the Year award.

" 'I am speechless,' said a surprised Hope Solo from the podium. 'I want to thank my organization, Saint Louis Atheltica, I do not want to be involved with any other organization. I want to thank my defenders, including Tina Ellertson who is here tonight, for making this possible.' " (Curry 2009)

Personal Biography

n looking around the web for a personal biography, you may come up empty handed like I did earlier. Though, through hard search i found this. Hope has a brother, Marcus and a half-brother, Dave. Her parents divorced when she was just 6 years old. She lived with her mother but remained close with her father who became a homeless veteran living in tents in the woods around Washington. He first started to reconnect through letter then attended her high school games and when she finally made it to college they had reconnected completely.

Why I chose her

HopeBrunette.jpgHope is not only one of the best goalies in the world, but she is inspiring and stands up for what she believes in. She got criticized for her comments on coach Greg Ryan's choice in the 2007 world cup. I agree, she may have worded her comments in a way to make it look like she was criticizing Bri, but she apologized to her team for ever having it sound like she was putting her fellow teammate down but said she stands by what she said when she said that she would have made those saves.
Watching her play and seeing her work hard makes me want to improve myself, not only in soccer but in everything I do. People say athletes shouldn't be role models but I think Hope is one of the best role models in world.


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