Below you will find online and print resources that will help you in your research

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This is the entire listing of all the NBW databases and their passwords. These databases can be accessed from the right side of the NBW Library Web Page

Shortcut to databases - From the document above, these are the databases that will best meet your needs

AP Images - User name and Password is nbwvikings
Find images to use on your wiki page.

Biography Resource Center - Password is nbwvikings
Use this to find information about your person. This database searches many print publications.

Virtual Reference Library (Electronic books/print materials that have been digitized) - Password is nbwvikings
This has biographical reference books that might list your person.

Reliable Web Sites (other than the databases listed above)
‚Äč from A & E Television - At the bottom of the main page there is a link on how to cite the information you get from the site
Internet Movie Database
All Music Guide

Print Resources Available in the NBW Library
Below is a list of reference books available for check out. The Reference section of the library is located on the outside wall near the Fiction books. We may also have a specific book about your person. Use OPAC to look for books in the NBW Library.

Print Reference Books in the NBW Library (Title is in italics followed by the call number)
Music in the 20th Century
- REF 780.9 MUS
The New Grove Dictionary of American Music - REF 781 NEW
Parents Aren't Supposed to Like It: Rock & Other Pop Musicians of the 1990s - REF 781 PAR
The Virgin Encyclopedia of Popular Music - REF 781.64 VIR
Country Music: The Rough Guide - REF 781.642 WOL
The Encyclopedia of American Television - REF 791.45 LAC
Encyclopedia of Literature - Ref 803 MER
Dictionary of American Writers - REF 810.9 MER
African American Biography - REF 909 AFR
Profiles in World History - REF 909 PRO
Macmillan Profiles: American Artists - REF 920 AME
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Popular Musicians - REF 920 BAK
Contemporary Heroes & Heroines - REF 920 CON
Grolier Library of International Biographies - REF 920 GRO
Grolier Library of North American Biographies - REF 920 GRO
Notable Sports Figures - REF 920 NOT
Encyclopedia of Rock Stars - REF 920 REE
Grolier Library of Women's Biographies - REF 920.72 GRO