Ty Pennington.


Birth Name: Gary Tygert Burton Pennington
Date of Birth: October 19, 1964
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Spouse: Girlfriend, Drea Bock

Personal Life.

When Ty Pennington was a little kid, he learned woodworking from his father. They would always be working on something together, for example they contructed a boat that they made in three days. His parents divorced when Ty was a young boy but his mother didnt get remarried for several years after the divorce. Her new husband adpoted her kids and gave them the last name Pennington. Pennington grew up in Marietta, Georgia. As a young boy, he didnt perform well in school. Later on at the age of seventeen, he was diagnosed with ADHD. To treat treat his ADHD, his mother would not let him take Ritalin, but she tried a new system called "Token Economy." It wasn't until age nineteen before he was treated with medications.(Gale, T. 2005)

Ty Pennington attended Sprayberry High School in Georgia. After he graduated from highschool, he then attended Kennesaw College where he majored in art and history. Instead of staying there to finish school, he transfered to the Art Insitute of Atlanta, where he studied graphic design. While he wasnt in school, he would do carpentry jobs to help pay for his schooling. Pennington then graduated with a bachelors degree but continued his studies.tyanddrea.jpg ( Gale, T. 2005)

Currently, Ty is living in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Drea Bock, who is also his manager.

Career Accomplishments.

Ty Pennington has been a very succesful man throughout his career. Not only could he work with his hands, but he could model and act. He traveled the world modeling for companies such as Macys, J. Crew, and Lands End. After modeling, he also appeared in some commercials for Diet Coke and Levis. After he became more noticeable, he landed a job on a popular television show known as Trading Spaces in 2000. He was one of the two carpenters that were needed for the show. There he worked with the couples, creating furrniture for their neighbors homes. ( Breckenridge, M. 2003) With a short deadline, he always seemed to get the job done. Ty really enjoys acting, so in 2oo3, he played the character Wilbur Wright in an independant film called, The Adventures of Ociee Nash. Pennington also has made appearences on television shows and also a music video for Cyndi Thomson. ( Breckenridge, M. 2003) When Ty became known as the "hunky carpenter," he started appearing at home and garden shows, where his fans would line up to meet him. ( Gale, T. 2005) As his career kept moving on, he wrote a book in 2003 called, Ty's Tricks:Home Repair Secrets Plus Cheap and Easy Projects To Transform Any Room.The book was so popular that it became a New York Times best-seller. ty-book-cvr.jpg(Pennington, T. 2009)

In 2004, Pennington signed a multiyear contract with Sears, where he began appearing in their ads for families. He then became the spokesman and ambassador for the Sears American Dream Campaign. Since Ty loves creating things, he developed a line of products called, Ty Pennington Style, in 2005. He quotes, "I wanted to show you can create a fun, casual, and quality living space, and you don't have to break the bank." Soon after this product hit the stores, Ty signed for the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In this show, a well - deserving family is picked to have their home renovated or rebuilt. Pennington was the leader of his crew to help re design a house for these people. He would recieve much help from local companies in the area, Sears, and also Home Depot. These department stores would donate appliances, furniture, and building materials. This show is very popular and still aires to this day. (Gale, T. 2005)

In 2007, Ty issued his first magazine called, "Ty Pennington at Home." In this magazine he shows examples of his work and explains some of his techniques, talks about his busy life, and also answers questions from people. So in 2008, Ty created a series called, " Ty's Great British Adventure." In the UK, he worked worked with the community of Portreath in Cornwall and helped restore a run-down park in a week.(Pennington, T. 2009) On July 25, he made a 3 year partnership with Marketplace Events. This is the largest organizer for home decor, gardening shows, and remodling in North America. Pennington will be speaking to over 30 events in 25 different markets. In September, Ty became a spokesman of another company called, Abbott Nutrition. With this company, he was involved with the Similac Custom Nursery Design Contest and Ty's Nursery Guide. These events were to help bring out the products new marketing.(Gale, T. 2005)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvjls_wbxMo


"I've got the best job in the world, and i meet some of the most amazing human beings on the planet. I'm one lucky guy." ( Pennington, T. 2009)

"When my 15 minutes are over with, I can go back and do carpentry, and be happy." (Gale, T. 2005)

"I want to help people achieve their decorating and remodeling goals-and have fun while doing it."(Pennington, T. 2009)

" It's about the joy of doing things for others. Extreme Makeover is about family, about America and about these random acts of kindness that can restore your faith in people."(Pennington, T. 2009)

"It's not just making the room look pretty or making the couch match. It's making someone's life better. To me, it's the ultimate job i will ever probably have...Knowing that when you walk away from there, their life is ultimatly changed and that you had something to go with it is something that i will be proud of for the rest of my life." (Clark, W. 2005)

Community Involvement. ‚Äč

Ty Pennington is very involved in many charitites. Not only does he change people's lives with Extreme House Makeover and give them a new start on life, he also does behind the scenes tours of the show. One of Ty's favorite charitable events he participated in was in Hawaii, where he taught disabled kids how to surf and try other water sports. This was a volunteer group known as AccessSurfHawaii. Not only is he a spokesmen for many companys, he also speaks for Bayer Asprin. They launched a contest and the first winners got to play in a celebrity soccer match. This was a fundraiser to help the children with bone marrow transplants, in the Los Angeles Childrens Hospital. Since Ty grew up having ADHD, he became a spokesman for the program called ADHD Experts on Call. Pennington loves helping people and being a part of making their lives better.


Teen Choice Award: Choice Reality/ Variety TV Star: Male - Nominated.

2005 --
Emmy: Outstanding Reality Program - Winner.
Teen Choice Award: Choice TV Personality: Male - Nominated.

Emmy: Outstanding Reality Program - Winner

Emmy: Outstanding Reality Program - Nominee

(Ty Pennington Awards. 2009)

Why I Chose This Person

I chose Ty Pennington because he makes a difference in many people lives. Having this gift is very rare in a person; he thinks of others before himself. Ty didnt become a celebrity by family, but the work he put into his job made people notice him. He is also the host of one of my favorite tv shows. Its amazing to see what him and his crew can do for unfortunate familys. It makes me cry everytime i see the familys reactions when they get their new house compared to how they lived before. Ty is like a miracle man; everything he does in his life is toward helping someone. He is a tv host for an inspiring television show, a spokesman for many companies, and also works a lot with charities. In all, he inspires me to become a better person.

Global Influence.

Throughout Ty's career, he has worked with many people to help others in need. He has a lot of global influence behind his career, and hopefully it continues on throughout his life. He spends a lot of his time working with children that are diagnosed with ADHD and kids that are in hospitals. One of his biggest accomplishments is helping the people that are less fortunate. He helps these families by giving them a new start to their lives, for all the good that they have done for others. Pennington also has magazines that are published that give helpful thoughts and suggestions for readers at home. Pennington effects everyone who he works with and also the viewers who see him on television. His global influence towards people is very strong, and he makes people want to do more good in this world.


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